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Commercial Planning - Urban Development - Real Estate

Our focus on the distribution sector has naturally led us to develop a practice group specialising in commercial planning and urban development and, more generally, in real estate law.

Our services

Commercial Planning

We are acknowledged specialists in this area, and can assist our clients at every stage of their commercial planning and development projects. Services offered include:
Assistance [for] defining projects (land management, contractual packages, relations with local authorities)
Project feasibility studies in light of commercial planning and development laws
Audits of applications to the local commercial planning and development authority (CDAC)
Assistance with preliminary appeals to the national commercial planning and development authority (CNAC) - processing the appeal, drafting of statements and claims, attendance at CNAC meetings.
Litigation before the administrative courts of the first instance (Tribunal Administratif) and appeal courts (Cour d'Appel Administrative - Conseil d'Etat)
Assistance with strategic decisions, assessing the advisability of appeals in light of associated risks (administrative and criminal sanctions, etc.).

Urban Development

We provide our clients with advice and assistance in connection with urban development planning issues that arise in the course of their real estate projects. We have an acknowledged expertise and experience in interpreting town planning documents and plans (local development plans, etc.), and are familiar with the range of problems that are likely to arise in connection with large-scale real estate projects. Services offered include:
Audits of applications for planning permission, building permits, work permits, prior declarations of works, impact assessments
Assistance and validation of applications for permits and permission, management of applications (public enquiry, examination phase, etc.)
Litigation before the administrative courts
Surveys of title and land division in connection with complex commercial and tertiary real estate projects
Verification of legislation and planning documents that apply to the project

Real Estate

We can assist our clients at every stage of their construction project, with a view to optimising the value of their assets. Services offered include:
Advice and assistance for private project owners in connection with the construction, renovation or extension of complex commercial and tertiary real estate projects (contractual package, division into lots, etc.)
Assistance with negotiation, drafting, assignment, renewal or termination of real estate contracts, including off-plan sales, off-plan leases, property development contracts and commercial leases
Negotiation of commercial leases

Our clients

Retail chains (supermarkets, sports and leisure, DIY, gardening, etc.)
Commercial and tertiary real estate sector (construction, development, marketing, investment, sale and management)
Local communities


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